Sunday, October 25, 2009

Busy Busy

Sorry for neglecting the blog, I've been filling a bunch of crochet orders and doing a lot of planning/organizing for my upcoming craft fairs!

So expect some sweet christmas plushies in my etsy shop soon :) In the meantime, here are some snow shoes that I reeeeaaaally like:

And here is some more A Softer World wisdom for you:

And a coat that I really really really reeeeaaaaallly want:

Oh and lastly, an awesome birthday present I received:

I do love threadless. This one is called "Let Go," deliciously emo :)

Click any of the pictures for a link to where to buy!


  1. SUPER cute boots!!! i want a pair, too!!! but i don't know how they'd look on my chubby calves. hehehehe T-T

  2. I reeeeeally like those boots too! Very cute :)