Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Place :)

So I am finally living in my new place, and totally loving it.

I had a subletter for the summer, so all the communal areas are already moved in to and full of stuff, and everything is pretty disorganized. As my first real, grown-up (not college) house, I really want it to feel like a home, not a hodge-podge of stuff, so I am trying to decide what I want to do to help get everything organized.

The kitchen has almost zero storage space, so the first thing we are going to need is a cabinet with doors for dry food storage. I think I am going to buy some cute glass spice jars from Target, which are more sustainable than the plastic ones (because now I can buy bulk spices) and much cuter. I am also going to get some magnetized hooks to hang oven mitts off of to free up some drawer space. And I am going to figure out a way to organize all the pots and pans so that they aren't all thrown in together, stacked up on top of each other, so that to get one thing out you have to move everything else.

For the bathroom I want to get a glass soap dispenser, that will be more sustainable, and cuter than the grimy plastic one we have now. I also want to get a cute toothbrush holder, but that isn't something we need, just something I want :P

The living room needs some pillows to help tie the mismatched furniture together, and we also need one more small chair of some sort to complete the room.

In the dining room I want to buy some bar stools to go along the island that it shares with the kitchen, so that whoever is cooking can have company :)

And then up the stairway and down the hallway I want to make fake picture frames out of poster paper and poster board, and put up a bunch of photos.

That is my plan for this house. I am excited to get started transforming it, as soon as our subletter officially moves out :D

Monday, July 26, 2010


I FINALLY found a purse to replace my owl one. But in the process of finding the perfect purse, I found about a billion other really great purses that were either too big or too expensive or just tote bags or field bags. Not what I wanted but still impossibly great, so here are the highlights, maybe you will find exactly what you are looking for :D

1. 8765 Teeny Duffle in Snackville by Jansport

4. Gia handmade canvas tote bag from pokapop on Etsy

(Also click here to see the plush penguin backpack!)

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Remember this post?

Well, as you can see from all the blue "check"s, I have made some progress moving my life forward :) The only things not checked off are sneakers, a bike and a boy. I will get new sneakers eventually, but it isn't as imperative as it was when it was raining all the time in WA. Now that it's summer I can take my time finding the perfect pair. And I do not need to talk about boys right now, but I still do need a bike. I am going to wait until the perfect one shows up on Craig's List and then have my friend Izzy restore it for me. Ideally I would have a bike like this:


I am in California right now, and just finished going through all the boxes of my childhood possessions in preparation for a monster garage sale, and this friday I am driving my mom's old Prius back up to WA with me (!!!) My friend Malia is coming with me (think safe travel thoughts for us).

Anyway, I've packed up boxes and boxes of stuff to sell, and I am bringing about 10 boxes of stuff up to WA with me. There are some boxes and a bed and a chair and a few other odds and ends that are staying here, but by and large I've removed all of my stuff from my mother's garage!

And after a few weeks of couch surfing I will be in my new (perfect) apartment, working almost full time from home, and fostering puppies (!!!) It will be pretty much the perfect set up in my personal opinion :D

Okay, that's about it for my life update. I'll be back soon for a post about all the fab purses I found around the internet while searching for a new one for myself!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Birthday Wish List!

Okay so before I start this wish list I want to apologize for disappearing for a little while. It seems like that is just something that is going to happen periodically when life gets in the way, but I will try to keep it to a minimum :)

Okay. Wish List time. I am pretty sure all the people who usually give me birthday presents already have given me the equivalent of presents this year, but lists are sooooo much fun so here goes:

Alix's 23rd Birthday Wishlist (In Order of Importance):

1. Diabolito Dress, Size Small, from Lulus

(As always click the links or photos to view/purchase the item listing)

2. Party Planner Heel, Size 8, from Modcloth

3. Boutique Browsing Dress, Size small, from Modcloth

4. White Octopus Tattoo Tights, Size Small/Medium, from Post on Etsy

7. Jabberwocky Ladies Tee, Size Medium from Imps and Monsters
(scroll down a little bit after clicking the link)

9. Secret Lake Shirt, Size Small, from Threadless

11. Forgot to Study Shirt, Size Small, from Threadless

15. Winding Road Skirt, Size Small, from Modcloth

16. Thumbs Up Yeti Magnet Set from Scientific Culture on Etsy
(I know it says sold out, but if you send her a convo she will make a special listing for you)

18. Recording Seal Shirt, Size XS, from Threadless

20. Immersion Blender in Empire Red from Kitchen Aid

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Giveaway #2

So the only problem with having giveaways hosted by other people is that sometimes they go live at the same time :P

So click here for a chance to win two of my patterns :)


Click here to win this mama sheep along with 11 other prizes!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Me Today

What I'm Wearing:

An awesome Old Navy dress, my Payless mary janes, a Wet Seal scoop neck tee, and my Sock it to Me manatee socks!

What I'm Reading:

An article about an immortal jellyfish!!! IMMORTAL!!!

The Song that is Stuck in My Head:

"Stuck Between Stations" by The Hold Steady. I saw them on The Colbert Report, and really liked the song at the time, and still do but can't decide if I am gonna get tired of it pretty fast or not...anyway, click here to listen to it!

Who I'm in Love with at the Moment:

Sabretooth, my lovely lovely house-kitty (she belongs to my housemate, but I ♥ her a lot). She was snoring when I took this picture!!

What I'm Craving:

Chocolate Crinkles. Best. Cookies. Ever.

What I'm Cooking:

Leek and Potato Soup from Julia Child's French cookbook. Delicious. (And really easy to make!!) Click the photo for a link to the recipe!