Monday, May 31, 2010

Lists - Life Edition

Things I Need, in order of importance:

1. A place to live - Check

2. A second job...check!

3. A Car...check :D

4. A bike

5. A couch (for said place to live) check!

6. A kitchen table + chairs (see 5) - Check!

7. New sneakers (mine have holes in the bottoms)

8. New Bras - Check.

9. New jeans (more than three holes means it's time for a new pair) - Cheeeeck

10. A boy who isn't afraid of commitment

***I have added some updates in blue***


  1. wow.. that's quite a list! good luck :)

  2. Good list... sounds like your priorities are in order ♥ I need a first job... and to figure out a way to dress in a cold climate that doesn't involve pants. I hate pants.

  3. Where do you live? Tights changed my life when I moved to WA! It's amazing the stuff you can still wear if you throw on a pair of sweater tights (they are warmer than pants!!) or textured tights over opaque tights - sooooo warm :)