Friday, May 28, 2010

Me Today

What I'm Wearing:

My lacy floral skirt over ripped up jeans, my favorite grey hoodie and lacy gray tank top and my octopus bear pin from Bunny Lee Designs!

What I'm Reading:

I ♥ ♥ ♥ this A Softer World!!!

The Song that is Stuck in My Head:

"The Difference" by Matchbox Twenty. ♥

Who I am in Love with at the Moment:

Yes that's right, Mystery Science Theater 3000, the entire show! I can personify and love a show if I want to. And I do want to. You can watch almost every episode on Netflix Watch Instantly!

What I'm Craving:

Oddly enough, today I'm craving something healthy, and not slurpies or soft serve or pizza :P Orange slices with cinnamon!! Mmmmmm.

What I'm Cooking:

A Blueberry Buckle. I've died and gone to heaven with this dessert. This will definitely become a family recipe.

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