Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lovely Wednesday

I am sitting in my window seat listening to my neighbor's band practice. It's a little bit overcast today, but overall nice. I think I am finally back into a semi-scheduled existence enough to blog regularly, fingers crossed :)

This week (since getting back from my visit in Cali) has been a whirlwind of apartment hunting...

(we found the cutest place!)



breakfast for dinner...

(abelskivers with the boys!)

and movie nights (Let the Right One In at home and Iron Man 2 and Babies in the theater)

all with wonderful friends!

This week I also entered in a TokyoBunnie giveaway to win an owl plushie! You should enter too!

and lastly, here are some pretties that I have been ogling:

This dress feels like Japan crossed with Flapper. Love Love Love.

Like most dresses on the internet (I've noticed recently) this dress is entirely too short, but I want it anyway.

This dress embodies everything that I am obsessed with right now. Babydoll, check. Layers, check. Worn/slightly distressed looking, check. Sweetheart neckline, check. Neutral, but fun colors, check! Waaaant!

I know this shirt is a little strange, but I've been really into large graphics on shirts lately, and I LOVE the expression of the kitty, and the Japanese Lolita inspiration, and maroon is one of my favorite t-shirt colors, so it won me over :)

Have a lovely day!

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