Monday, July 19, 2010

Birthday Wish List!

Okay so before I start this wish list I want to apologize for disappearing for a little while. It seems like that is just something that is going to happen periodically when life gets in the way, but I will try to keep it to a minimum :)

Okay. Wish List time. I am pretty sure all the people who usually give me birthday presents already have given me the equivalent of presents this year, but lists are sooooo much fun so here goes:

Alix's 23rd Birthday Wishlist (In Order of Importance):

1. Diabolito Dress, Size Small, from Lulus

(As always click the links or photos to view/purchase the item listing)

2. Party Planner Heel, Size 8, from Modcloth

3. Boutique Browsing Dress, Size small, from Modcloth

4. White Octopus Tattoo Tights, Size Small/Medium, from Post on Etsy

7. Jabberwocky Ladies Tee, Size Medium from Imps and Monsters
(scroll down a little bit after clicking the link)

9. Secret Lake Shirt, Size Small, from Threadless

11. Forgot to Study Shirt, Size Small, from Threadless

15. Winding Road Skirt, Size Small, from Modcloth

16. Thumbs Up Yeti Magnet Set from Scientific Culture on Etsy
(I know it says sold out, but if you send her a convo she will make a special listing for you)

18. Recording Seal Shirt, Size XS, from Threadless

20. Immersion Blender in Empire Red from Kitchen Aid


  1. What a great list! I'm especially pleased to see my thumbs up yeti magnets on there! And you're right - they aren't really sold out :)

  2. Hehe, yeah Kate, I had a feeling :)

    TY Jessica and Miranda! :P

  3. i loveee #1. i want it too lol!...*

  4. I want everything on that list!! LOVE Modcloth =) And that Jabberwocky t-shirt is the coolest thing ever!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I absolutely love the octopus tights!!

  6. These are all fabulous!!!!
    I love how clothes are higher up on the list than kitchen stuff!

  7. All of this is FABULOUS! I do believe we share the same tastes! Especially the shoes!

  8. I love the second dress and the skirt at the end! Great items!!!

  9. Gorgeus List i love the stockings and the shoes are stunning ;)x

  10. Oh I love, love, love that purse! Running off to heart it now!

  11. What a nice idea to make a present wishlist like this! Funny, I love all the garments and accessories you've got on your list, same taste :)

  12. My favourites are the octopus tights and the Jabberwocky t!