Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Me Today:

What I'm Wearing:

My Invader Zim Shirt, my favorite stripey skirt, black tights and pink fishnet thigh-highs, and my fuzzy boots - my outfit for my second trip to the American Idiot rock opera. You seriously need to get your butt over to Berkeley and see it right now, it is going to be HUGE!

What I'm Reading:

So I am not actually reading Leviathan yet, so if you go out and buy it and it sucks, that's not my fault, but the synopsis is, "World War 1 goes steampunk in this brilliant science fiction for young adults" how could I not be intrigued?

The Song that is Stuck in my Head:

"Last Night on Earth" by Green Day - from their album 21st Century Breakdown, and it's one of the best songs in the rock opera American Idiot!!

Who I'm in Love with at the Moment:

Theo Stockman!!! Their weren't any cute pictures of him from American Idiot, so I am posting this one of him from Hair. I love him. A lot. Just so you know. (He's the cute one with the shorter hair). He wasn't one of the main characters in American Idiot, but it was more or less an ensemble cast, so he had a bunch of solos and stuff. And is ADORABLE.


  1. Greenday was hugely popular when I was in high school in the mid to late 90s! It cracks me up that they're still around attracting the same crowd :)

  2. Hehe, I LOVE them and always have, though I definitely got introduced to them in 5th grade :P

    But yeah - this rock opera, I'm pretty sure it's headed to Broadway. It's phenomenal. And tickets here are 30-60 bucks - on Broadway I'm sure they're gonna be a couple hundred.