Friday, March 5, 2010


So anyone following me on Twitter (or friends with me on Facebook) knows that I've been mildly puppy obsessed lately, and already know about Filibuster (Buster for short), but since he STILL hasn't been adopted, I am still battling with myself about buying him, even though I know the timing is not quite right for me to be getting a dog. But I WANT him. He is a Standard Dachshund, and he is pretty big for a standard, so I think he is going to end up about 25 lbs.

At first I was going to name him Johnny Cash (Cash for short) then I thought about Jesse James (JJ for short) then I thought about Memphis and Sneaker and one of my friends suggested Filibuster, which is soooooo awesome, but part of me feels like his perfect name is still out there. Any name suggestions?

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