Sunday, June 20, 2010

Etsy's Birthday

For Etsy's Birthday two days ago, they did this promotional thing on twitter where they said, "Celebrate with us: Reply with an @Etsy link to an item you've had your eye on...we feel like buying 5 random people a gift!! (At 5pm ET)." I think I was the second person to tweet what I wanted, and it was this lovely Bad Bird print that I've blogged about before:

I didn't win. But it was such an exciting prospect that I MIGHT get a free Etsy item of my choosing, that I went through my favorites and picked out all of the things I would ask Etsy for if I could, and here they are:

(as always you can click the photos for a link to their listings)

This incredibly adorable belt by Laru

My favorite tights in the world!

This awesome ring, that I've definitely blogged about way too many times already :P

This gnome pillow - I'm totally in love with his face!!

Another Bad Bird print. ♥ ♥ ♥

Sigh. I imagine this little guy nestled onto my bookshelf, tucked away, waiting to be discovered ♥

Hehe. I love the idea of feltidermy. A lot. I don't know if I'd really want a dikdik - I'd probably want one of the deer with fangs or something, but this is my favorite guy in the GirlSavage shop at the moment :)

This necklace has been an long-time Etsy favorite :)

This shirt is FANTASTIC!!

I ♥ this laptop art

and last but not least, this purse is amazing. Red + a giant bow? Yes please!

♥ Etsy


  1. The purses that you picked are super cute! :)

  2. Such a great collection, love them all

  3. Great choices! I'm loving too many of them. The gnome pillow, the necklace, and both rings! Makes me jealous I didn't find them first!

    Found you on Etsy forums.


  4. I freakin' love the bunny with the socks on his ears. It makes me *squeeeeeeeee* with utter joy. :D

  5. wow that has got to be some of the coolest thing I have seen this week! Love that laptop decal..ok well just about everything!

  6. ha ha I love that hot pink bunny! :D

  7. I love all the items...especially the pink fuzzy bunny!!

  8. ooh so many good choices. hard to pick a fav!

  9. I just love the teacup ring it is incredibly cute. Nice blog too, your crochet creatures are adoreable :-) xox

  10. love the teacup ring!!! cute blog :-) i love your crochet creatures they are adorable xox

  11. You find the loveliest things!

  12. pretty much love everything in this post. those rings and the laptop art, especially :)

  13. The woman who does the laptop art offered me a trade!! So I am going to get that and a big wall decal in exchange for a bunny :D

    (I love this return of the barter system!)

  14. I love the blog layout, it's super cute. :)
    And I love etsy. Whoa, it's adorable.

    I found your blog at skunkboy creatures! Have a lovely day!

  15. Those tights are totally awesome.

  16. :) How funny the snail's face ! :)