Wednesday, September 2, 2009

bit by the shopping bug...

I decided it was time to start a blog, since it seems to be what everyone is doing :) I have to admit I am very excited to have a place to blurt everything I am excited about!

So, here goes.

I just bought one of Skunkboycreatures's well, creatures and am very excited about it. I am going to give it as a christmas gift, but I can't decide who to give it to. I have two people in mind. Anyway, because it is a gift that has not yet been given, I am not going to post a picture of it :P

I very very very much need headphones that aren't earbuds, and I am trying to decide between these three very different options:
I am leaning towards the pandas :P

Aaand I just bought this AMAZING tote for my friend for her birthday, that I am also not going to show, because I have not given it to her yet, but will as soon as I do, because it is too amazing not to share :)

Oh and just spent $50 on yarn, but I got free shipping and got everything I needed and didn't have to treck 25 minutes to the nearest Joannes, so that was great!!

aand I brought my brother a DVD for his birthday from Amazon, which of course meant that I had to buy something for myself to qualify for free shipping, so I bought the Lhasa Moon Tibetan Cookbook!!! And for this I am very excited.

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