Monday, September 28, 2009

Things I Like

I don't need any of these things, but they are still adorable/awesome/deserve a shout out, so here they are, maybe you will need one of them!

Adorably emo panda who is probably from an anime that I don't know about:

I would buy this if it was a card and if it came by itself, but it is actually part of a set of three prints - maybe you want to put them on your wall?

Have I mentioned that I love walruses? Well I do. Almost as much as I love wombats and yaks and pandas. And maybe more than I love bunnies. Maybe. Anyway, this shirt is covered in walruses :D

Aaaand, grand finale, this ADORABLE octopus sculpture. If it cost just a little bit less I would have already bought this for Adrianne for Christmas :)

Hopefully I've helped them all find a home with you!


  1. ooo i love walruses 2!i love that little octopus no cute

  2. My little girl would love that chubby blue octopus at the end. Thanks for sharing.