Sunday, September 13, 2009

Etsy Shout Outs...

I NEED THIS NECKLACE!!!!!!!!! Isn't it amazing? The next $22 someone spends in my shop, I am buying this!!

I think this card is completely adorable! Animals in love make me soooo happy.

This print rocks my world, and I am just waiting for panduhmonium to make cards with this image (which she promised she would do!) and I am buying them!!

I LOVE this ring. I want my engagement ring to look like this, and then have my wedding band be an infinity ring with lots of tiny diamonds. I think that would be sweet. Whenever, in the very far away future, I do get married :P

And I have discovered that my obsession with bunnies has indeed become unhealthy, because I NEED this jackalope too. I think I am going to buy Frank first, and then this later, both of them far in the future when I can justify spending money on stuffed animals, but I am very excited to have them both in my home, someday :)

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