Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Wish List

So I know you guys have been waiting with great anticipation (lol) so without further ado, here it is:


There is only one coat that I really neeeeed right now and it's this one. It's just so pretty! Don't you need it too?


Again, only one that I really need, and it's this one. I tried to resist, but I have resigned myself to the steampunk phenomenon, and what could be more perfect than this amazing skirt?

Other things:

So, one of my best friends (the one I blogged about for Thanksgiving in fact) has these Hawaiian tarot cards, and they are amazing! They always say super true things for everyone who she's ever read them for. It's amazing. I want them.

Wishful thinking things:

So this juicer is like $2000 or something, so I'm probably never actually going to own it, but it is the best out there, and using it (along with a specific diet) is supposed to cure cancer and diabetes and other stuff. Amazing, I say.


Um, hi most adorable tights ever! Who doesn't want these??

These buttons are also totally amazing, and only $3! I want to put them on my backpack, that is also tricked out with various cactus pups and calico critters that I turned into keychains :)

I have always always ALWAYS wanted adorable little caps for my keys, and these owls are PERFECT, especially because my purse has owls on it that look just like this, and my keys hang from the strap!


This panda bag is perfect for carrying all my yarn for my various projects in when venture out of my house to get my crocheting done :P

OH. MY. GOD. Who wouldn't want this bag??? It's phenomenal!

So I have this stupid pouch with monsters on it in my purse to hold my chapstick and Kleenex and gum and stuff, but it's ugly and I don't like it, and this bag is totally affordable AND adorable!


So this card is totally me. Totally totally totally. And I know at least three people who I could send it to who would find it hilarious.

Hilarious!!!!!! I neeeeeed this! To send to a certain boy in Japan. My dad would also find it hilarious.


This dress is soooooooo me! It's one of my favorite colors, and it's a babydoll dress AND I could wear it with stockings and a cardigan right now in zee winter months!

I also looooove this dress. Totally adorable but also a little bit hard core. Awesome.

I have this idea that I would be able to wear this dress to work, and that is probably not true at all, but I do love the idea of an awesome work dress that is also an awesome party dress...

Yellow isn't really my color, but this dress is so cute that I want it anyway. Sooooo cute!


So just one book atm - 108 ways to transform a t-shirt. I saw this featured on Threadbangers (which is awesome!!!) and now I want to cut up all my old huge shirts and make them adorable!!!


So I have this amazing bed that is huuuuuge, and I want lots and lots of pillows on it, but awesome pillows, not boring pillows, and not only is this pillow awesome, it also has a secret pocket in it for hiding a journal!! How cool is that?

This pillow is also amazing. Expensive for a pillow, but totally worth it. Don't you think?


I love Robert Downey Jr. and I love this movie!!!!!

If you haven't seen Kal Ho Naa Ho go watch it right now. Best bollywood movie EVER.

So clearly I really really love Robert Downey Jr. I need this movie. I am buying it for myself if no one else does. I'm just saying :P

And that is my whole ridiculously long and extravagant wish list. I hope you enjoyed reading it, and found some things to add to your christmas list :D


  1. LOL! I SO enjoyed this post :) I "need" that coat too - even here in crazy-hot south Florida where I live! That black/white skirt is stunning - my mouth dropped! I would love it, but doubt I'd ever wear it - it's so bold! FUN!

  2. WOW!! You like a lot of stuff :) I love yellow too, but just can't wear it. You really should buy that skirt in the 2nd picture!!

  3. Those are all so amazing!! I love those dresses. You have good taste. ;)

    Thought you might like a heads-up on my big giveaway going on until Dec. 12th!

  4. Thanks so much Fern! Laura I'll check out your giveaway right now! And Audrey - every time I've seen something online that I liked over the last...two months I've bookmarked it so I could add it to this list, so naturally it got a little bit out of hand :P But it's all such awesome stuff!

  5. Great list! The dresses you have chosen are beautiful. May you just receive one of them for a gift :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am so pleased that you like my cards. Please visit again sometime.

  6. I enjoyed reading your list and loved the comments and photos! :) Awesome selection!

  7. I just want to say, you have great taste. What a wonderful wishlist!