Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yay Office Work!

So in honor of my new job, I decided to do a blog post dedicated to all of the work clothes/necessities that I want/am grateful for :)

So, the first thing that I am grateful for is cute flats:

The walk to and from BART would probably kill me if I had to wear heels.

The first office-y thing that I want soooo much is this amazing cardigan:

So adorable right???

I also really like dresses that look like two separate pieces:

So cute and simple and easy to wear with tights and a coat and you don't have to worry about anything coming un-tucked or getting it.

So I think this sweater dress with these tights and those boots is the most amazing outfit I have ever seen. And I would totally wear it to work, I don't care if the boots look like they belong in the old west and break my heel rule. And I looove the color of the dress! Who says you have to wear black and white and grey and brown all the time just because you are stuck in an office?

And lots of times people just give up and wear the most boring clothes ever, so this blazer is here to prove that even the most basic work clothes can be adorable and colorful and flattering!

Okay, so I really really really want this cardigan. It has stripes, which are kind of my weakness, and frills, and pretty colors, and I'm a big fan of professional clothes being as comfortable as possible, and doesn't it look soft and cozy? Mmmm.

And now back to necessities - a sustainable water bottle! And again, why be boring when you can get something with a cute sentence on it like this one? Or just something colorful, or pretty? The one I have is hot pink with an Emily the Strange-esque cat on it.

Aaand, unless you want to spend all of your money on eating out in the city, you need a cute lunch pack! I thought I wanted a bento box, because there are so many adorable ones out there, and after coming back from Japan I was a little obsessed with everything Japanese, buuuut I realized that most of the things I want to eat won't fit in a bento box, so I found this adorable lunch bag instead:

And of course there are a million other adorable office-y things out there, but I think I should refrain from posting any more here today :)

Now I am off to try to finish all the last little things I have to do before Indie Mart tomorrow!!!



  1. GREAT collection! I love every piece! :) Thanks for sharing. I am a total flats person too - I don't think I own 1 pair of heels - they're too painful :)

  2. Haha, that's funny, I own...six pairs of heels I think? But I've never worn four of them, lol. They just hurt my feet tooooo much. But they make me so happy that I don't regret buying any of them :P

    (But I have resolved to only buy flats from now on, haha)

    I'm glad you like the items I picked!

  3. What a cute lunch bag. I totally want one :)