Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Me Today:

(This is my 100th post!!!!!)

What I'm Wearing:

I realize my outfits are usually nothing exciting, but it's still fun to post them, so humor me :) Today I'm wearing my favorite pink long-sleeved shirt, one of my favorite baby doll dresses, and my favorite ripped up jeans.

What I'm Reading:

Time Traveller's Wife for the third time :) I looooooove this book. Best book I have ever read in my entire life. If you haven't read it you need to go buy a copy right now!!!!

The Song that is Stuck in my Head:

"Brand New Day" by Ryan Star. It is suuuuch a good song, I can't get over how much I like it.

Who I'm in Love with at the Moment:

Cappie from Greek. Sigh. You have to watch the show and experience his charm to understand how adorable he is, but trust me, he is sooooooo sexy. Mmmm.

And now for a new segment in my Me Todays ---->

What I am Craving:

Noah's Bagels poppy seed bagel sandwiches. I made this decision a while ago to try to eat only whole grains when I ate carbs, which meant not eating bagels anymore, because they aren't whole wheat (except for whole wheat bagels, which do not count as real bagels!) but I miss them soooo much because they are definitely my favorite food. And there is a Noah's Bagels next to where I work, so I think I might have to pick up a bag of them and bring them home with me tomorrow... :D


  1. I love babydoll dresses over pants. Very cute indeed.

  2. FUN! On your 200th post you can look back at this day and smile :) Congrats to yo :)

  3. A wonderful way to write your 100th post.

  4. I think I'll have to read that book!

  5. Thanks all! And yes, Ellen - read it, it's soooo good!