Friday, November 13, 2009


So. is having a Thanksgiving blog contest! If you blog about who you are thankful for this Thanksgiving, you and that person have the chance to each with $100 gift certificates! So it got me thinking, who am I thankful for?

And of course there are a lot of people - my parents, my puppy, a certain boy who's 5000 miles away, my lovely Washington pen-pals, the Bay Area people who kept me from going totally crazy while I was looking for a job, and the list goes on. But who am I most thankful for? And who has effected my life the most this past year?

And the answer was, of course, the most wonderful person in my life:

Miss Maleezie
(Otherwise known as Malia, friend extraordinaire)

She always has a smile on her face, and something mischievous up her sleeve. She looks adorable no matter what she wears, and is always genuine to everyone she meets.

She gets as excited as I do about baking cookies and planting flowers and tarot cards and changing the world.

We can talk for hours and hours, and never run out of things to say or plans to dream up.

Once she found a beta fish, in a bag on a bus stop bench. She named him Metro and took him home. Random old ladies have been known to come up to her on the street and give her flowers.

On one of the shittiest days of my life I texted her saying, "I wish you were here," and she immediately texted back "come outside!" and she was on my doorstep! She lives two hours away.

When I decided to spend the summer at a Buddhist Retreat Center, I really wanted someone to share the experience with, but knew none of my friends had any interest in Buddhism, or spending a whole summer in the middle of nowhere in the Colorado mountains, but next thing I knew, Malia called me up and said, "I hear you are thinking about going to that retreat center in Colorado? I would really like to join you!" And she did.

When I feel like staying in, she feels like staying in. When I feel like going out, she feels like going out. We joke that are spirits are psychically connected, but really we just have a real, effortless friendship, and one that I am incredibly thankful for, and my life would not be the same without.

I <3 You Maleezie!!


  1. Friends like this are fantastic and extremely hard to come by. Congratulations on being one of the very lucky ones!

  2. Hehe, thanks! I do love her a lot :)