Monday, January 18, 2010

Busy Busy

My life has been pretty busy lately, so I apologize for not blogging more, although looking back through my posts, I guess I actually have been blogging a fair amount...

Well, either way, I've been really busy. I am moving back up to Seattle on February 2nd, so I've been busy finding a place to live and a job etc. Plus doing all the millions of things I need to get done in Cali before I leave.

And as far as Parami Panda goes, I've been busily designing Valentine's Day plush while madly trying to restock all of my shops who were nearly close to selling out after the holidays. I am hoping to get some stuff selling in Canada's Bumblebee Toys sometime in the coming months, and I am thinking about submitting some critters to Stuffed Magazine, but the deadline is February 15th, so we will see if I end up having time. I am also participating in a Craft Swap organized by Katie of the lovely SkunkboyCreatures, which is very exciting.

I am off to finish some kissing bunnies so I can post the rest of my Valentine's Day critters tonight, and then concentrate on stocking shops :)


1 comment:

  1. Awesome stuff hun and I bet you are excited about coming back to Seattle.. especially with all the rain and high winds lately lol.

    I just love your pandas and well, all your stuffs :)