Monday, January 25, 2010

A Shop of my Very Own...Part 4

So, clearly this is my new favorite blog feature :P I have a ton of crocheting to do tonight (not to mention packing) so I am going to write this up as quick as I can so I can make some kissing bunnies and owls and octopi!

So, Part 4 in my list of Etsy artists who I would fill my store with if I had a real store :P

(As always click the photos for links to their listings)




  1. Thanks for choosing my Nightmare Snatchers for your imaginary real store! :D

  2. LOL... I wish you had a real store too. Then I could shop there.
    ~Trash and Trinkets

  3. wow, thanks SO much for the feature on letterhappy! i LOVE all your other selections as well! :)