Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pacific Northwest Necessities

So, there are a few things that I've really started to want, and I've been thinking about them for long enough that it isn't just an impulse want, it's a real want, but I've been telling myself that I can't buy anything until after my move, because I won't have any place to pack it, buuuut, my move is happening a week from today, and I suddenly feel like I can buy whatever I want as soon as I arrive in Seattle :P

So anyway, I definitely don't have the money to buy all of these things, but I really really want all of them and they have practical pacific-northwest applications!

I really need boots. I only have one pair of fuzzy boots and that's it. And walking around in sneakers in the rain and getting the bottoms of your pants soaked SUCKS, so wearing sweater tights and boots/pants tucked into boots is the way to go. So naturally I need a few colors/styles :P

Black dressy cowboy boots:

White distressed cowboy boots:

(My favorite shoes ever!!!!!) Dressy brown cowboy boots w/built in socks:

My favorite rainboots! -->

(I had red rubber ducky ones the whole time I lived in WA before, but they were totally destroyed from daily use, and I had to throw them away)

So that is all the shoes I need atm (except of course for the perfect red peep toes with bows that I have yet to find) and next of course I need waaaarm clothes!

The most amazing waaaarm casual OR dressy dress I've ever seen! --->

Adorable cap-sleeved sweaters are a must:

I am in the process of making my self some black arm warmers from a pair of $2 socks, but these hot pink ones have me totally smitten:

Tights!!! Tights are the one thing that I actually am going to buy in bulk no matter what. All through college I was content to wear jeans and a billion layers everyday, but this time around I want to look cute AND be warm at the same time. So. Tights:

I know I've blogged about these a billion times, I just love them so much:

White tattooed stockings to wear textured fishnets over! --->

I have these next two pairs in brown, and they are the BEST sweater tights! They are SO warm, but don't have busy patterns that make your legs look fat, they have vertical lines that make your legs look long!

Now, art! I am packing all my stuff (clothes, pots and pans, lamps, decorations, etc.) into the two checked bags and one carry-on suitcase that I can bring on the plane, and then I'm shipping up a box with all my yarn and fabric and crochet supplies plus bedding in it. So I am going to be living very simply for the next 6 months with just a mattress on the floor. So I need to decorate like crazy to make my little space a home!

And lastly a really sweet tool that I want to enhance my crochet life:

(It's this bomb chalk pen that writes on felt really well and you can brush it off with a tooth brush after you've cut it out! It will make my life sooooo much easier!)

And all of that will only set me back $637, LOL!! Sigh.


  1. Those are all amazing finds! I'm drooling over those brown boots!

  2. I'm in the Pac NW too! Yes, boots are a must!! And umbrellas :)

  3. yay! that grey dress is absolutely gorgeous!!! :)