Saturday, January 2, 2010

I made a treasury!

I decided to start making treasuries again. I was pretty annoyed to learn that curator's items don't make it to the front page, even when their treasuries do, so I've been boycotting it for a while, but now I'm back :)

I think limiting it to one of your own items per treasury is enough, they don't also have to remove your item from the front page - if it was good enough to get there, what does it matter if it's your own item? Treasuries are a perfectly legitimate way to promote your items, especially when you are also promoting 11 other people's items AND it is only going to get to the front page if it is deserving of being there in the first place. This is how I feel.

But ANYWAY, I would greatly appreciate it if you would click on the jpeg of my treasury above. It will link you to the treasury, and then you can click on all the items and leave a comment if you feel like it :)


  1. I really like the picks! They look wonderful together. I feel the same as you do about the treasury situation. The person who creates the treasury should have the same chance as all the others in the treasury to appear on the front page. Etsy probably keeps creators from being on the front page to prevent treasury abuse or something. I can't understand you said your not just promoting yourself but 11 other people as well. Hopefully one day they will change this.

  2. Thanks so much Miranda! For commenting on my treasury and agreeing with me about them :P

    Etsy is going through a lot of changes this year and I'm anxious to know what they are!