Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Does it ever make you sad that things from TV and books aren't real? Like the talking photos at Hogwarts and Captain Jack Sparrow and Totoro and super powers and Doctor Who and Appa and Barney Stinson and Iron Man and Selkies and most of all...


Well...maybe not most of all. If I could be friends with Totoro AND Doctor Who, I would give up a fairy tale romance with this adorable boy. But only for Totoro and Doctor Who. And Totoro could hang out in the Tardis with us because it's bigger on the inside.



  1. I was actually a little depressed when I emerged from my 3 weeks holed away reading the Harry Potter series. It was so discouraging returning to the real, Muggle world and getting used to the fact that there isn't any magic or any Hogwarts! :o) I guess that's the sign of a good universe, if you can get so wrapped up in it!

  2. See?? That's exactly what I'm talking about! The fact that none of those things that I listed (or their worlds) exist is depressing! Because that are soooo awesome. :(